Our Approach

We believe in three simple steps to get your wanderlust going:

  1. Share your preferred destination or let us suggest (Just ask and we will line it up for you)
  2. Let us know the number of people (More the merrier!!!)
  3. No. of days you are planning to take that leave 😉

Voila!!! We will propose the ideal holiday in 24 hours. So, pack your bags, ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to roll!

Meet the Founder

Meet our founder who will plan this trip for you. Harshit has been traveling across continents for over 7 years now and it was in that moment of his various travels when he met other fellow travelers that the experiences should be brought alive not just with select people, but for the passionate travelers all over. Thus began his bookmyholiday journey 🙂

Harshit Shah


"Eat, Sleep, Travel, Repeat" - Something I live by everyday.

Travel experiences include Sky diving in Switzerland, Hiking in Croatia, Desert safari in Dubai, Chasing the wilderness in Masai Mara, Dancing the night away in Ruin pubs in Budapest, Partying at the world war bunkers in Prague and so on.

BookMyHoliday also happens to one of the few partners in India who are New Zealand, Australia and South Africa Specialists 🙂

Bookmyholiday aussie specialistBookmyholiday south africa specialist

Let's talk!

Fancy an interesting trip across various destinations in India and around the world. Give us a shout out and we will get your wanderlust going 🙂